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Road to U20 CrossCountry EU Championships in December 2024.

Manuel is a member of the LVL-Runners HUB. Nevertheless, he is currently living in Colorado USA, where he studies and trains at the CENTAURUS HIGH SCHOOL in Lafayette.

The fact of moving abroad overseas with the age of 16 already descrives him very well. He is brave and consequent. He likes aiming high, but is able to understand and asume the costs of it with responsability. The challenge of getting better day by day, in all aspects of his activies, and overcoming the difficulties with hardwork and discipline, is Manuel’s motivation.

Looking at the amazing results he has already achieved, it is obvious that Manuel counts on a remarkable talent if we consider that he turned up into running just since October’22.

With Tennis as previous sport background and as the youngest of 3 brothers, Manuel shows a notable mental strenght in his daily challenges. Moreover, since he joined the LVL-Runners, he has been a very important piece on his teammates improvement but also spirit. No need to say he is raised up the hurdle.

We would like to support Manuel by guiding him from the distance to get the most of this 10Month lifetime experience in Colorado and coming back with a level up that should make his medium-term goal possible: getting a place to compete at the U20 CrossCountry European Championships.

Project Powered by Adrià Alcalà and Samuel Geissbühler. As well as LVLRunners and CENTAURUS teammates.

Manuel Schneeberger Swiss Championship 10km Uster 2023
Stephan Wyss and Manuel Schneeberger track training in Pula Croatia
Centaurus XC Team motivation talk before competition start
Centaurus XC Team motivation talk before competition start (credits: