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After the pursuit of expanting our WINTHEDAY values in order to build up a winner-minded comunity that helps and looks after the success of each other, contributing to our global happiness, we have split our efforts in two different concepts: [Pro·jects] and [HUBS].

With the [Pro·jects] we count on a selection of athlets with high team-leading qualities, and exceptional team-work etichs and some extraordinary talents. In addition, striving such a high goal that requires: 1) long term work and planing and 2) a great team behind. Through the values, inputs and feedbacks that we provide the individual athlet, we want to impact on his surronding and therefore expanding our values in that way. Even if the different projects might seem to be led by a single mentor or group, we count on a big team of experts and professionals behind. We demand team-work, WTD works as well as team.

[-MT 10-]

Our first ever with lot of love since 2022!! We don’t know what the future will hold, but it will …
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We are working together very hard on achiving the targets of our [Pro·jects] and [HUBS] and feeling very proud of the outcomes we are getting and the values we are able to spread.

We would like thank sincerily all the support and help we are receiving in any way. TOGETHER EVERYONE ACHIEVE MORE.

Some athlets among others we also follow very close besides our [Pro·jects] or [HUBS]:

  • Shirin Kerber (CH)
  • Luca Moser (CH)
  • Pau Carrión (CAT)
  • Silvan Bobst (CH)
  • Johann Grøndahl (DK)
  • David Anderegg (CH)
  • Niels Laros (NED)
  • Anna Soler (CAT)
  • Marc Pou (CAT)
  • Alanis Siffert (CH)
  • Christoph Janssen (CH)
  • Fabienne Müller (CH)
  • Ona Alarcón (CAT)
  • Roger manyà (CAT)
  • Max Studer (CH)
  • Lars Laros (NED)
  • Guillem Cortijo (CAT)
  • Ainhoa López (CAT)