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Road to Brisbane’32 Olympic Games.

Noah is a 14 years old athlet from the TV Welchenrohr Club and since he was about 12 has a clear goal in his young mind: starting at the Olimpic Games in Brisbane 2032 as a middle distance runner, 800m or 1500m. So yes, we have got a big goal and plenty of time.

“There are no impossible goals, but intrepid deadlines”, told us once a good friend. In this case, we got the talent, we got the willpower to work hard, we got the team-spirit of a leader, an ideal surrounding and the motivation to reach something incredible. But besides all that we also got the time, the patience and resilience to cook, whit lot of passion, what it could be the ideal champion recipe.

Noah at Auffahrtmeeting in Langenthal 2023

“There are no impossible goals,
but intrepid deadlines”

We met Noah in 2022 during a Trainingscamp in Croatia. He came with a plastered hand due to a broken finger the week ago. Even having to stay aside while his trainingsmates were training together – what Noah loves the most but wasn’t able to – we saw him always cheering them up and never losing his smile, even the hard situation, both in the track or outside it. In other words, our experience saw in Noah a young kid with a big heart and a full smile. Lots of qualities to become a true leader and champion if counting on the right values and environtment.

One year after we met Noah again at the same camp. His possitive energy didn’t change. Together with his friend and teammate Silvan they pushed together-and-against each other to become better and better every session and shearing a common goal. Likewise, they took care of engaging the rest of the team both by training hard but also having fun in the free-time. When Noah and Silvan shared their goal his us, we didn’t doubt a second: we wanted to be part and help as much as we could.

Noah Collioud, Adria Alcala and Silvan Bobst in Medulin Croatia
Auffahrtmeeting Langenthal Noah Collioud Silvan Bobst Adria Alcala
Noah Collioud and Adria Alcala meeting Adrian Lehmann at GP Bern Isostar stand

The awaiting journey will be long. And might go left and right. With its ups and downs, successes and defeats. But we don’t mind! It’s part of the game and the learning process.

By supporting Noah, and indirectly his TEAM, a very important piece of his success, we would like to provide them all with the right winner values to enjoy the long journey with passion, targeting to reach excellence in sports but also in life.