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Max is a young basketball player from Barcelona aiming to reach his maximum potential through the values of a WINNER.

Basketball is a team sport and besides being physical, it doesn’t only needs skills but being smart and strongly team-minded. This high complexity is what makes this sport so demanding. In other words: you can never stop improving. The fact that every individual depend on the team but also match situation, requires a very high flexibility and adaptation.

From the time we met Max as a child, he displayed flashes of brilliance that foreshadowed an amazing future in basketball. His dedication and work ethic set him apart from the start. Since the beginning we saw in Max an incredible team-leading talent, deeply rooted with our values. His selfdemand makes Max a hungry player willing to improve every day.

“Never settle, but also don’t settle.”

#strongertogether #winnerminset

As point guard, you need to be generous and play for the team. Being a leader is not a task you get, but a resputation you win. Max has find in WinTheDay a space where his love for basketball merges with the purpose of helping others.

Max Teixido campeon copa del rey real madrid en badalona 2023

His growth as player is measured not only in the team scores or wins but specially in the positive impact he leaves on his community. Max’s involvement extends beyond the courts, contributing to an inclusive and supportive environment wherever he is involved.

For all these reasons, we commit supporting Max being the best player he can be while enjoying the process, making sure he rise up his goals by spreading our WTD values through his team and people.

Some HIGHLIGHTS untill the date:
– U12 Spanish Champion with the Catalan selection.
– U14 Spanish Champion with the Catalan selection.
– Champion of “La MiniCopa del Rey” as a guest-player of Real Madrid.

Our first ever [Pro·ject] with lot of love since 2022!!
We don’t know what the future will hold, but it will surely surprise us.

Project powered by Pau Domingo and Adrià Alcalà.

Max surrounded by his friends, who were supporting him along 4 days, after winning La MiniCopa del Rey.