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Road to Marathon Paris’24 Olympic Games. #roadtoparis24

Definetaly a special project that means a lot to us… Besides many doubts and external jugements in the previous stages: Adrian made it to the professional life. Meaning Adrian is able to call “running”, his passion, a job. By overcoming this first big step, Adrian already shown one of the most important things we try to inculcate the youngest: no mather what others things, go straigh with full power after your dreams.

Nonetheless, that wouldn’t be possible without a lot of people around supporting Adrian in many different ways: Emotionally, on the trainings, with regeneration, meaning friendships, organizationally, economically,… But there is only one way you are able to achieve so much: trying to give as much as you get or more.

Adrian Lehman celebrating Zurich Marathon 2022 swiss champion title and personal best
Adrian Lehmann celebrating the swiss champion title at Zürich Marathon 2022
Adrian Lehmann running Zurich Marathon to the swiss champion title

Even the standard prejudices an elite runner could get, Adrian eats appart. Those around Adrian knows he is different. Even the high dedication and focus a marathon preparation requires, Adrian always finds time for for their people, care of them and has the ability to provide that possitive vibes anyone can need on a bad day. He is that can of people don’t let you indifferent an simply merits the best in his sport carreer and life.

One of the reasons this [Pro·ject] is special to us, is because following Adrian’s description above, his is also part of the TEAM behind WTD helping and pushing the other [Pro·jects] and [HUBS]. His values are a reference for all of us and at the same time he is able to show them up in himself. In parallel, Adrian is coaching and leading the [SH-MNT] project and providing the team with his expertice in the other projects.

We would like to help Adrian by achieving his upcoming goal: Qualifying and running the Marathon at the 2024 Olimpic Games in Paris. Nothing could make us happier than traveling to paris to cheer up for Adrian. Nevertheless, everyone in the room knows we have a big goal on the table. And Adrian needs of every inch to get there.

Regardless of the outcome, there is one think no one should put in doubt: we will try our best to get there. Adrian deserves it.

If you want to know more about Adrian or even joint his FAN CLUB, go visit his webpage:

Project powered the whole team around Adrian and Adrià Alcalà from WTD side.Gutentor Simple Text