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Road to the Swiss Marathon National Team.

Samuel Huldi started running in 2019 with the LVL-Runners at the age of 19 after leaving football behind. Despite his short period of time as runner, he has shown enormous improvements. Not only due to talent, but Samuel is able to accept high volumes of training and work really hard and focus for what he aims. He is a commited athlet and consequent with his high goals.

Prove of that are the weekly 160-180km he is able to run aside 100% work as automation technician, living an indepent life at the young age and no mattering the snow, the cold or the rain during the winter mornings in Switzerland. A standard day by Samuel means waking up at 5:00 AM to run his first training before work, and going back on the shoes after for his second session at the evening.

His previous long-time experience as football player is quickly noticed into the running team. He brings the team together, motivates the other members, and looks after making the moments fun. This athmosphere is translated in a better performance of the member at long term.

Adrian Lehman Samuel Huldi Adria Alcala at Isostar Stand at GP Bern

This Project has something special because bring some others together.
Samuel is being coached by ADRIAN LEHMANN, also “Pro·ject” and WTD Team member, which plays a very important role. Adrian brings not only his high expertise as running coach with the planing but also the WTD values. The results of this explosive mix has been already seen on his first season together and we are more than glad but amazed. In this matter we would like to thank Adrian for his efforts and enourmus engagement. At the same time, Samuel’s Project also supports Manuel’s as he is the best example to transmit the hard-work spirit and will be able to push together once Manuel is back from America.

For all this reasons, we will like to support Samuel being a faster runner by building up the right values on him, as well as a strong team to train with.

As next step, we target with Samuel to get into the SWISS NATIONAL MARATHON TEAM. Meaning he should run a Marathon under 2h25′. His first ever try is already planed and will be next April in Zürich after some years of consisten work. Adrian will stand also at the startline fighting for the swiss champion title in order to collect the maximum possible points for the Paris’24 Olympic Games qualification.

Project Powered by Adrian Lehmann and Adrià Alcalà. As well as the LVLRunners HUB.

Manuel Schneeberger Adria Alcala Salmuel Huldi at Swiss Championships 10km in uster