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Medium and long distance section of the atheltic club LV Langenthal. From 800m and 1500m on the track to CrossCountry, or even Marathon.

The aim of the HUB is to get away from the mentality that running is an “individual sport” by understanding that we all will get faster if we look after each other and try to make our teammates better. It is a fact that training with faster athlets pushes us further. Therefore, as better our teammates are – because we help them with – the most we will improve as individuals too.


training camp team meeting in a hotel room in Medulin Croatia 2023

At the end they all run on their own feet on raceday, and are responsible for their performance. But building up a strong team-spirit will as well increase motivation and give them additional reasons to push to that higher gear.
At the same time, as we work together, we celebrate the achivements of our mates with joy and consequently multiply our happiness, both as group and individuals.

Powered by a strong staff with Samuel Geissbüler as head coach. Under him a young team forced on the previous generation and spreading the team values: Raphael Salm, Lukas Geissbühler and Adrian Lehmann.
Stefan Haas is currently in charge of the youngest athletes and Adrià Alcalà, also an active member of the Training group, works side by side with the coaching team trying to squeeze out the best possible performance.